About us

About us

YORKA CONSTRUCTION Food Textile Tourism Industry and Foreign Trade Co.Ltd.

In order to add a young and dynamic breath to the Turkish construction industry, combining our experience and experience in the industry since 1985, as a new face in 2005; YORKA CONSTRUCTION Food Textile Tourism Industry and Foreign Trade Ltd. We founded the company.

Our company, which operates on infrastructure systems that remain out of sight in the construction industry with a wide range, produces trouble-free solutions with quality materials and an experienced team and signs the future of the modern world. Our company, which has served the sector until today, aims to take on greater responsibilities by developing. We continue on our way without compromising our desire to achieve the goals we have set...

As Yorka İnşaat, we have been the main and subcontractor in many projects (residence, residence, villa, residence, warehouse, factory, industry, personal and site management, official institutions, municipalities, private institutions, mass housing, construction companies subcontractor services) until today. we took charge. With our experienced team and our work quality, we have completed each project with a clear conscience and zero problems.

We are determined to complete our future works with the same effort, work discipline and seriousness.

We care about our work, we care about our customers.